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In 2013 Olimex Ltd. successfully built and in October the same year put into exploitation its sunflower kernels production plant with capacity of 50 tons per 24 hours. The kernels production plant is brand new, designed in accordance with the requirements of IFS Food standard for quality and safety of the goods. The production and packaging lines are at high technological level. Machines by leading European companies are installed at the critical control points for the final product.

Our sunflower kernels are produced exclusively for the EU market. To make sure that we meet the high requirements of this market, we implement in the production the following:

  • state of the art machinery made by leading European companies in the field like Schmidt-Seeger, Best and B├╝hler;
  • up to date technologies, guaranteeing high quality of the final product;
  • certification of the sunflower kernels production with IFS Food international standard.