Raw material - in order to guarantee the premium quality of our products we monitor every detail of the technological process starting with the delivery of selected sunflower seeds, grown by our long-term suppliers – the farmers. The high quality of the raw material is kept during the whole season by storage at appropriate temperature in silos with total capacity of 20 000 tons.

Cleaning and calibrating – from the daily silo the raw material runs through a magnetic separator and reaches the cleaning and calibrating machine of Bühler’s Schmidt-Seeger. The process of destoning finishes the preparation of the seeds for hulling.

Hulling – the lines for hulling and chips separation are equipped with magnet separators. The elevators and transportation lines for the kernels are with special finishes and construction that guarantee minimal additional breakage of the kernels.

Sorting – the color and the density sorting of the kernels are performed by Bühler’s Sortex Z++ and the Belgian Best. Both machines at the final stages of the production process ensure that the final product has minimum purity of 99, 97% and is free of metal, stone and ceramic.

Packing – in Big Bags and 25 kg paper bags on euro pallets, well stacked and stretched for long distance haulage, the sunflower kernels are ready for export.

Storage – before expedition, the packed sunflower kernels are stored in a multiple level warehouse at controlled humidity and temperature levels.