Sunflower Husk Pellets


Sunflower husk pellets:

The sunflower is the raw material on which processing is possible optimum utilization of the products. We know that and in year 2010 invested in equipment of the German company “Munch” to produce eco fuel from the husks of the sunflower seeds – pellets. After hulling the husks are delivered and stored in 300 cubic meters buffer silo, where it is fed into section for palletization (granulation). The productivity of the palletizing machine is 1500 kg/hour.

Produced pellets can be used almost anywhere – in steam stations, in power stations and for home heating. With joy we can note that at the time the interest in them is extremely large.

By applying waste technology we not only succeed to solve the problem with the waste, which is observed in the program of waste management, but also achieve economic and energy efficiency, fully in tune with the modern understanding of green energy and environmental protection.