Sunflower bakery kernels



Sunflower bakery kernels

From 01.09.2013 “OLIMEX” Ltd. started producing sunflower bakery kernels for food industry. They are among the most nutritious nuts known for its high content of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids used for direct consumption or in the production of healthy bread mixes.

Best quality sunflower seeds, produced from our long-standing suppliers are transported and stored in two new silos with capacity of 2 000 tons each.

After initial cleaning unpeeled seeds pass through an optical scanner which removes the remaining small stones and other impurities. After hulling the optical color Sortex “Buhler” and X-Ray scanner “Best” ensure that the final product has purity of the final product min. 99.97%. The production capacity of the sunflower bakery kernels is 50 tons per 24 hours.

Packed in big Bags or 25 kg paper bags on EURO pallets, the sunflower kernels are ready for export. Our production is dedicated exclusively for the EU market. To make sure that we meet the high requirements of this market, we implement in the production the following:

  • State of art machinery made by leading European companies in the field like “Schmidt-Seeger”, “Best” and “Bühler”;
  • Up to date technologies, guaranteeing high quality of the final product;
  • Certification of the sunflower kernels production with IFS Food international standard.