Refined sunflower oil /Crude sunflower oil



Refined sunflower oil

“OLIMEX” Ltd. produces 50 tons of refined sunflower oil per twenty-four hours. A small portion of the refined oil is being bottled and sold in the local retail network under the Vida brand. The rest 95 % are exported to EU countries as well as to neighbor Balkan countries – most of them our long-standing partners. The refined sunflower oil is exported in bulk tankers. Our clients use it in the production of canned food, salads, bottling, etc.

Crude sunflower oil

“OLIMEX” Ltd. produces crude sunflower oil by pressing of sunflower seeds and extraction of sunflower cake. One third of it is refined and the rest is exported in bulk tankers for neighboring Balkan countries and EU countries and it is used as an additive in the production of bio diesel, for enrichment of animal food, etc.