Company Profile


Company "OLIMEX" was established in 1995 as a small family company. Over the years the company has gone the way of the enthusiasm of the first steps to implementing a workable and successful concept.

It all started in 1992 when Andrian Alexandrov and his father bought for 10 (ten) thousand dollars the first machine for the production of sunflower oil from an exhibition in Vidin, rented premises of 50 square meters and start to work.

“I am proud to say that we were the first private company - producer of oil in Bulgaria”.

With each challenge overcome, with each success, the result of a focused and continuous work, the motivation for the continuation and development of the family business grows.

A few years later, Andrian Alexandrov and his father doubled started by buying another production line and installed it in Kula. Earn to turn local farmers. Against sunflower seed which is processed for CMT, producers of sunflower seeds obtained from the oil-company crude oil and oil cake. After three years of honest and beneficial partnerships the owners of the company are already sure they are on the right path - the production of oil is a business with good prospects. In 1995, Andrian Alexandrov and his father created Ltd. and bought 33 acres in the area of ​​Vidin, village of Pokrayna, terrain once occupied by former tobacco dry house.

Big dreams require big spaces

The production base of the company now includes workshops for yield/crushing, refinery, bottling, granulation, extraction, warehouses, silos holdings and a brand new workshop for production of sunflower bakery kernels.

Up to date, the production and warehouse area of “OLIMEX” Ltd. amount to over 51 decare.

All these investments play an important role in converting the oil factory in one of the most modern in Bulgaria. Today the production of "OLIMEX" Ltd. is preferred and competitive both in Bulgaria and in foreign markets, as 90 % of its production is destined for export.

Management presentation

"OLIMEX" Ltd. is represented and managed by Andrian Alexandrov and Miglena Alexandrova. When starting the business in 1992, the staff of the company is only 9 people. Today the team has more than 10 times grown, with more than 100 jobs created, the company ranks among the major employers in the region. The workshops work without interruption, in four shifts regime, eleven months per year and during the rest of the time is carried out planned repairs and preventive maintenance of the machines. The annual investment in prevention and maintenance is essential for the company. Thanks to her ensure quality and seamless production process and safe and secure working environment for all employees at the factory - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The company's office is located in the administrative building, located in the production base in village of Pokrayna. The spatial proximity between administration and production ensure good coordination of the processes and unobstructed communication at all levels in the company. To ensure optimum working environment for its employees, "OLIMEX" Ltd. offers to all employees on the premises canteen, rest rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms.

"One of the biggest investments for business of "OLIMEX" Ltd. is the good professionals who we have attracted in recent years", share the owners.





Business results

Owners believe that the rising business development is a function of good planning, stable markets outside Bulgaria and loyal and honest relationships with partners.


We, at "OLIMEX" Ltd., believe that the development of potential is possible through reinvesting of the profit, investments in new technologies and attracting quality human resource. We strive to constantly expand trade contacts and focus its efforts on maintaining the already implemented. We know that successful business model is only possible in the correct business relations and sustainable corporate confidence.


“I declare my personal commitment and responsibility to continuously improve the efficiency of the company for implementation of corporate policy, guaranteeing the rights and expectations of customers the quality and safety of our products, for their continuous improvement and the associated sustainable prosperity "OLIMEX" Ltd.”

Company policies

Manufacturing and offering of high quality and safe for consumer health products is a fundamental mission of "OLIMEX" LTD. By keeping the legal requirements, we hold to fully satisfy our clients' expectations. The products we produce are entirely consistent with applicable laws in the country and established in the European Union standards. To maintain the quality that our customers deserve, we follow flawlessly several important business rules:

  • We trust in our clients – therefore we strive to continuously meet their expectations by improving the quality and products;
  • We have high requirements for our products –quality in all departments of “OLIMEX” Ltd. is our priority. We put the safety of the production at heart of all of our marketing strategies;
  • We know that ethnical and responsible attitude towards employees is essential – we work for the formation of a new way of thinking and high motivation at individual and collective level;
  • We are responsible to the production environment – monitor for sticking to standards and improving the quality and safety;
  • Nature preservation is important to us – we strive for preventing environmental pollution through efficient waste management and use of technologies that have minimal negative impact on it;
  • We built responsible business relations – we insist on honest and beneficial bilateral partnerships;
  • We encourage the local economy by cooperating with local producers and companies.


Corporate trust is one of our key values. Over the years “OLIMEX” Ltd. established a network of partnerships and long lasting and honest collaborations with:

  • Producers/farmers – one part of them are with us from the very beginning;
  • Company suppliers from different sectors;
  • Business partners.