IFS certificate

We at "OLIMEX" Ltd., assume the production and marketing of high quality and safe health products for our mission. In each stage of the work we strive for completing satisfaction of the customer’s requirements while responsibly and unconditionally abide by the law regulations. The products we manufacture comply with the laws in force in the country and imposed in the European Union standards.

To ensure optimum quality and safety, the management of the company proceeds to the development and implementation of a management system based on the requirements of the International Food Standards (IFS Food Standard).

"OLIMEX" Ltd. is certified IFS Food - international auditing standard of quality and safety of food products.

International Food Standard is designed to provide a basis for auditing manufacturers who produce under the so-called "private" brands (private labels. The standard provides additional security to customers that the products manufactured for them meet the requirements of safety and quality. Security is achieved by auditing and certification of the manufacturers to the detailed requirements of the standard and scheme defined by the same standard.

To ensure maximum control over food safety, the company's management is committed to developing, implementing and maintaining the HACCP system. For this purpose are developed two plans - production of raw sunflower oil and production of refined sunflower oil.